OVI Defense

 Our knowledgeable attorneys are not here to judge when something goes wrong, we are here to help. Our team can assist in matters such asdefending against charges of operating a vehicle while intoxicated (commonly referred to as OVI or DUI), license suspensions related to intoxication charges and gaining driving privileges back. If you have been arrested or charged with drinking and driving, time may be of the essence to preserve your rights and to assure you are properly represented. Call us today and let us defend you. 


       If you are under a current license suspension for a past charge related to intoxicated driving and you wish to get driving privileges or have your privileges altered, give our firm a call. We may be able to assist.


Specifically, our team can assist with:

  • Defending You in Court on OVI Charges
  • Assiting with Getting Driving Privileges
  • Challenging Administrative License Suspensions 
  • Altering Driving Privileges 
  • And Much More! 



Have you been charged with an OVI? Give our office a call. Our team of knowledgeable attorneys are not here to judge, they are here to help!

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