Practice Areas

Tax Law and Preparation

Filing, Audits, Consulting, and More



      Tax law is a confusing and complicated world. Let our knowledgeable team help! Our lawyers have significant experience in tax planning and preparation and can provide clients with many beneficial services.


      Our firm can assist in matters such as corporate tax preparation, individual tax preparation, small business tax preparation, estate tax issues, and representation in civil tax disputes. Going through an audit? Our attorneys can assit you with that as well. Let our tax attorneys assist you with all your tax needs!




      Our attorneys can help you prepare for whatever life throws at you. Our team can assist in matters such as limiting tax implications of during and after life gifts and transfers, creating wills, constructing trusts, making durable powers of attorney for both finance and healthcare and creating living wills. Need to challenge a will? Our attorneys are prepared to go to probate court to fight wills that need to be invalidated.


      The field of elder law can be confusing but our team is here to help. Our lawyers are ready and prepared to assist you in tackling all of your probate questions and are here to assist both in your own life planning and the legal work involved with the estate matters of your loved ones.


Estate Planning

Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Probate


Real Estate Matters

Purchase Contracts, Land Sales, Deed Issues


         From selling land, to buying land and many areas in between, our team can assist you in a wide variety of property related legal matters. Our attorneys have experience in matters such as creating purchase contracts, transferring deeds, navigating foreclosures, granting easements and evaluating property ownership.


         Need someone evicted from a rental property? Our team can help you. The lawyers at Ferguson & Ferguson have substantial experience in crafting leases, enforcing leases and carrying out evictions. Whether you want to sell land, buy real estate or evict someone from your property, give our team a call, we can help.


        If you are looking to form a business, or reorganize your business, our team of lawyers are ready to assist you. Our firm can tackle matters for you such as forming a corporation or limited liability company (LLC), structuring your businesses tax strategy, advising you on business formalities, and helping you to navigate the transfer of business interests. 


        Whether you have a full size corporation with voting shares or you are an entrepreneur working from your home, our team will help you. Let our team start serving as your business's attorney today! 


Business Formation

Articles of Incorporation, Tax Strategy, LLC's


OVI Defense

Intoxicated Driving Charges, License Suspensions and More


      Our knowledgeable attorneys are not here to judge when something goes wrong, we are here to help. Our team can assist in matters such asdefending against charges of operating a vehicle while intoxicated (commonly referred to as OVI or DUI), license suspensions related to intoxication charges and gaining driving privileges back. If you have been arrested or charged with drinking and driving, time may be of the essence to preserve your rights and to assure you are properly represented. Call us today and let us defend you. 


       If you are under a current license suspension for a past charge related to intoxicated driving and you wish to get driving privileges or have your privileges altered, give our firm a call. We may be able to assist.


       Our firm is committed to helping the families in our community and is capable of assisting in a wide array of family law matters. We can assist our clients with matters such as divorces, prenuptial agreements, support payment disputes, custody disputes and annulments. We are aware of how sensitive family matters are and we will approach each case with the care and attention that it deserves.


         If you are contemplating a divorce, have been sued by a spouse or ex-partner or find yourself in a support agreement that isn't working for you or isn't being honored, give our family law team a call today.


Family Law

Divorce, Support Payments, Custody

Civil Litigation and Trial Matters

Trials, Mediations, Settlements, Contract Suits


      Have you been wronged and begun to contemplate filing a lawsuit? Or have you been sued? We can help.


      Our trial ready attorneys are prepared to assist our clients in matters including contract disputes, disputes between businesses, consumer litigation, mediation representation, arbitration counsel and settlement negotiation. The Ferguson & Ferguson team has extensive experience in business litigation and stands ready to both initiate litigation or defend you from suits that may arise. Anything from drafting agreements to defending you in a civil jury trial, our team is equipped to assist you. Whether it's something small like suing your neighbor over a small matter or something large like a high value, complex business lawsuit, give our team a call today to see how we may be able to help you. 


Need help in another area of law?

The attorneys at Ferguson & Ferguson have a wide variety of experience and knowledge. If you are facing a legal issue or have a legal question, give us a call. We have assisted our clients in numerous ways beyond the categories listed above. Some other areas where we have assisted clients are listed to the right. 


  • Real Estate Disputes, Sales, Contracts, Deeds
  • Personal Injury
  • Construction Matters
  • General Counsel
  • Solicitorships/Municipal Counsel
  • Transaction Law
  • Private Dispute Resolution
  • Contract Drafting
  • Business Incorporation and Formation



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